From the iPhone to the Windows Phone and back: reflections of an Apple fanboy’s experiment with the Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Mango Phone


I borrowed a Windows Phone off my friend for several weeks as my only phone, and here’s my usage review of it. I’d be focusing on the software because there’s just too much variation with hardware to make any review meaningful.

A short preface

First off, let me just say that I am an Apple fanboy, of sorts. I started off not with the first iPhone, but rather an iPod Touch with a Sony Ericsson K680i , then an iPhone 3GS a year later. Towards the end of 2011, a colleague of mine showed me his Samsung Omnia 7 running Windows Phone 7 and I immediately fell in love with the Metro UI. To the uninitiated, the Metro UI (User Interface) is Microsoft’s alternative to a graphical layout pretty much dominated by Apple’s app-icons-in-a-grid approach. What they did was to use cards/grids which were dynamic (though not all) and could convey more information than just the icon itself.

Since I was writing for this tech webcolumn, I thought it might be a convenient excuse to test out the phone (let’s call it WP) for a while and share with you readers my experience. Continue reading


[What is] RAM, HDD and how do they work together?

We have been asked many times what a RAM is so we thought we should do a little dialogue between us to answer that and a bit more. So here’s the question we’ve phrased to help our dialogue alone:

Hey lytbyte, I’ve been using the computer for a while, but when I recently wanted to get myself a new one, I was stumped by all the technical jargon, especially RAM. Can you share a little about the parts that go into a computer, and how they work together? Thanks!

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[Opinion] Why should anyone buy and use an iPad? Also to a minor extent, a case for tablet devices

Many people wonder about the reasons for buying and hence using the iPad; this is a sharing of how we use it in our daily lives, in two sections. Continue reading


[What is] Twitter and why should I care about it?


It’s one of those polarizing technology in which you either got it or you don’t. Common Craft did a great 2 min YouTube video about what Twitter is and I encourage you who is wondering what in the bird it is to watch it before continuing.

Done? Now that you have a clearer understanding of Twitter, let’s answer the more important question: so what? In other words, why would I want to use this service? 

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[What is] Dropbox and how does it improve my productivity?

About Dropbox

Let me get it out of the way first: I love my Dropbox.

The experience that drew Dropbox to me was the time when I brought my students’ examination scripts to Starbucks to mark. When I was all ready to start, I realized to my horror that I’ve left the answer key in the office. No sweat. I had previously put the answer key into Dropbox, and that allowed me to access the file via my iPhone. I then continued marking with the answers sitting in my phone. That was over a year ago when I only had my phone and my MacBook Pro as well as the free account. Continue reading

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